Toronto, Ontario, Canada


I am a digital marketing and communications consultant and writer in Canada with over eight years of experience growing small brands on social media.

Specializing in community engagement and storytelling, I work with my clients to strategize how to amplify their voices and reach their target audiences and goals.

My favourite platform is Twitter. I am pretty much a Twitter sorceress and organic marketing has my heart.

small business

Why small business?

I love to work one-on-one with people who are doing great things and just need some professional support to connect with their people.


I grow the online presence of small brands by establishing their identity and showing them how to highlight it across their marketing efforts.


I help people find and connect with their target community on social media. I am a Twitter expert and show people how to use the platform optimally.

Why work with me?

Save Money

Working with a PR agency can be very expensive and bureaucratic and account managers can be really busy, sleep-deprived and strapped for time. My rates are affordable and we can tailor a project to your needs, goals and budget.

Tell Your Story

I am professionally trained in both journalism and public relations, so I know the ins & outs of storytelling and I'll show you how to share yours effectively. I am also a great copy editor and writer. Your message will be polished, clear and compelling.

Save Time

Watch your small business grow online while you focus your time, energy and passion on doing what you love! I will make it super quick and easy for you to give me the details, information and content I need for your project.

Skip the Stress

Running late for our meeting? Delays getting your resources or information to me? No problem! My time is flexible and I am happy to reschedule. I also always keep wiggle room in my schedule, so there's no pressure.

"Ashley's enthusiasm is infectious. She's passionate about helping you connect to people online. She will really dig in to your organization's identity to deliver your message in a unique way."
Delta Will
Charles Tilden
Music Artist (Delta Will)

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