Toronto, Ontario, Canada


 Fun, whimsical and creative business items to have fun with at home, the office or school!

Hilarious, but super useful products. These would make great Christmas / holiday gifts!

A collection of office products, apparel and accessories that remind you to communicate human-to-human online, with care and consideration.

A special collection of wearable products to raise awareness of Dandy Walker syndrome.
It is congenital a malformation of the cerebellum, which controls balance, motor skills, muscle tone, posture and more, and the fluid spaces around it.
I have Dandy Walker and every day I face poor awareness and accessibility issues. The more people know about Dandy Walker, the easier it becomes for me to adapt! (It really feels like being drunk without the buzz. Haha)
I am donating 50% of my markup for this collection to the Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario. I was born with hydrocephalus, caused by my Dandy Walker. This organization does so much to help people affected by these conditions and has been a great support for me.