Toronto, Ontario, Canada


"Loved Ashley's work - and loved working with her!

Ashley brings a breadth of experience, knowledge, and passion to her work.

Results? She not only significantly expanded Water Doc's social reach, but also got the word about the 2016 Water Docs Festival.

Want substance, and long-term relationship-building? Get Ashley on your team!

Highly recommended!"

Belinda Cole, Water Docs Film Festival

"Ashley really knows how to get the word out through the social networks! She was fabulous as our blog writer, Tweeter, newsletter editor. She knows what to write and then knows how to post it so it gets noticed!"

Joan Prowse, Producer/Director of Green Heroes™

“Ashley helped us create and initiate a solid social media strategy for the Nanny Angel Network.  She connected us with valuable networks across the not for profit cancer community.  Ashley knows what is of interest and what will create a buzz.  She was a valuable asset to NAN in our social media strategy development.”

Audrey Guth, Executive Director of the Nanny Angel Network

"Ashley's enthusiasm is infectious. She's passionate about helping you connect to people online. She will really dig in to your organization's identity to deliver your message in a unique way."

Charles Tilden, Delta Will